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Art Education (Lectures, Workshops, Projects, Tours)

December 2012 - January 2013 „Gesammelte Störungen“ (Collected Disturbances) - Project with students from the Occupational School Wolfsburg in the exhibition „Save me! Collecting as Artistic Activity,“ Kunstverein Wolfsburg

October 2012
Every subject must be seen, in order to be (Kaja Silverman 1997) – Workshop for the exhibition Hannah Höch: Collages 1889-1978 for students of the courses of study film and video. In collaboration with the Goethe Institute and the Art Institute Bucharest

The goal of the workshop was to offer sustained insights into Hannah
Höch's method of collage through an experimental approach.
First, Höch's pages were examined in depth in the Gallery of the Löwendal Foundation and compared to contemporary processes of digital image production. The group analyzed the figures that Höch produced in this way from a formal perspective before becoming acquainted with their sociopolitical context.
In a next step, composite beings of paper, textiles and cardboard were produced in groups in the workspace of the Gallery UNA. Since the Gallery UNA is not located in the same part of the city of Bucharest than the Löwendal Foundation, the students used this walk from the workshop to the exhibition space of the Höch Collages for a performative presentation of their works of living images.
Finally, the three dimensional collages were returned to two-dimensional form by a professional photographer.

February 2012
Images of Reality – Continuing Education in collaboration with the Goethe Institute in Porto Alegre/Brasil for Gerhard Richter's Touring Exhibition Synopsis of the Institute for International Relations

September 2011 Continuing Education of Art Educators for Bicycle Tours
Within the framework of the sculpture project viewingspace in the district of Nordhorn

November - December 2010 „Deutschlernen im Museum“ (German Language Course in the Museum) in cooperation with ifa Stuttgart and VHS Stuttgart

September - December 2010 „Dies ist keine Kochshow“ (This is not a Cooking Show) - Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. A project on global eating habits accompanying the show „eat art“ - with pupils from Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium and visitors of the Museum.

April - October 2010 Workshops with art students in Seoul (South Korea), Daejeon (South Korea), Itami (Japan), etc., on behalf of ifa and the Goethe Institute, for the dual exhibition: Otto Dix. 'War' - the Etchings and Social Criticism: Prints 1920-1924

January 2010 Workshop for
Survey,the ifa traveling exhibition of works by Gerhard Richter, in collaboration with the Goethe Institute in Santiago de Chile (Chile)

The 2-day workshop was entitled
Bilder der Wirklichkeit (Images of reality). The goal was to investigate questions about the construction of reality through images and their decipherment, by using the works of the painter Gerhard Richter. The workshop was divided into productive and reflexive segments. On the first day, the participants, all of whom had a background in museum education, developed their own archive using photos they brought from home. Over the course of their activity, this “archive” underwent changes. Individual parts were enlarged or reduced through photocopying and then colored or graphically manipulated. The resulting new images were then arranged into a new, larger archive and presented in the museum alongside the Richter exhibit. On the second day, the works of the participants and the themes contained therein (pictorial reality, photography and painting, reproduction and painting, perspective and view, composition and orchestration, etc.) were the basis for the group viewing that concluded the session.

May 2008
- July 2009 Lectures and continuing education for teachers, on behalf of ifa and the Goethe Institute, for the exhibition: Otto Dix. 'War' - the Etchings and Social Criticism: Prints 1920-1924 (Tbilisi, Georgia; Nicosia, Cyprus; Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, and Timisoara in Romania)

Besides giving lectures about Otto Dix's prints from the 1920s (e.g.
War), I have, for example as part of a seminar in Nicosia, had discussions with teachers about possibilities for how they can use the Dix's imagery to reflect upon different portrayals of aggression with schoolchildren who are confronted with discrimination and violence in everyday life. The fact that Dix's images are indeed works of art generated a particular level of attention, through which one's views could be sensibilized, for example, to matters of human rights. In connection with this, a comparison to current images from the media was also revealing.
April-May 06 Supervision of the extended training program “Kunstvermittlung von KünstlerInnen” (Art education by artists), Kunstverein Freiburg
April-July 08 Workshop series on the topic of violence in imagery (Cluj-Napoca: 14-16 year-old teenagers, including teenage Romani; Brasov: 3 secondary school classes)

Excerpt from the ifa Newsletter 07/2008:
Art needs current forms of communication. The art historian Wiebke Trunk has accompanied the tour of the ifa exhibition
Otto Dix“ for several months, travelling to Tbilisi, Nicosia and Romania. In addition to Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca and Brasov, Timisoara was one of the stations in Romania. The topic of “violence in images” is being revisited after the killing spree in Winnenden. Portrayals of torture and witch burnings from past centuries demonstrate that the subject is not new. Hence the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) has been thematizing it in special way beginning last year. The starting point is the ifa exhibition of graphics by Otto Dix, which shows violence in war and everyday life. Along with introductory talks and lectures, art historian Wiebke Trunk accompanied the exhibition tour with workshops, which were also particularly targeted toward young children and teenagers and which do not merely serve the conveyance of knowledge, but establish up-to-date connections that reflect the personal surroundings of the visitors and enable new ways of approaching artworks.

See also the article in the Stuttgarter Zeitung from 18.08.2009, p.26 (pdf, in German).

Since July 2006 Museum and studio visits, and workshops for children with physical and mental impairments from the Karl-Ernst Hermann school (Markgröningen)

In order to further improve the access opportunities in Stuttgart museums for people with special needs, I regularly work together with children and teenagers at the Karl-Ernst Hermann school. Unlike at other schools, for these children it is comparatively difficult for them to leave their accustomed surroundings because they are dependent on help and special built conditions in public buildings. Thus visits to museums or studios take place less frequently. As a result, these children experience this kind of engagement all the more intensively.

March 2007
Exhibition talks in the exhibit “A Room of One's Own,” exchange project Brussels-Berlin, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

The exhibition “A Room of One´s Own,” which opened 2006 in Brussels, ended in 2007 at Künstlerhaus Bethanien. The tours through the exhibition were held as public dialogues with
Berlin artists Nanna Lüth, Kerstin Drechsel, and me.

April-September 2005 Art education concept for Sculpture Biennal Münsterland, in cooperation with the University of Oldenburg and Künstlerdorf Schöppingen

At “Sculpture Biennial Münsterland,” current international art that reacts to specifics of the landscape, architecture, or history was exhibited in public places. The 2005 exhibition with the title “Latente Historie” (Latent history) was organized by Kreis Borken in cooperation with Künstlerdorf Schöppingen.
My task was to develop ideas for educational communication, together with art clubs, individuals, schools, local historical societies, and other cultural institutions, whereby in this concept phase the works were not yet installed.
One goal was to prepare the population for the planned interventions in the public realm, and in so doing, to improve the general acceptance for art on the whole. At the same time, the homepage had to be implemented with meaningful, well-accessible information, and extensive teaching material for teachers and other groups interested in the theme of latent history had to be developed.

April/May 2006 “Open workshop” - art education for the exhibition “Les Histoires Communes” in Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

October 2005 Art education for the exhibition “Unser Viertel” at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart-a photo project by teenagers with an immigrant background.

1992 - 1997 Freelance employee in the museum education departments of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart and Kunstverein Stuttgart

Since 1992 Art education: regular tours with groups of children and adults in museums and galleries; excursions; collaboration with art teachers


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