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Professional Activities

Since October 2014 Scientific Collaborator at the Carl-von-Ossietzky University Oldenburg, at the Institute for Art and Visual Culture: Art - Mediation - Education

September 2010 - May 2011 Stipend within the Research Program „Kultur und Außenpolitik“ (Culture and International Politics) for the study: „Voneinander lernen - Kunstvermittlung im Kontext kultureller Diversität“ (Learning from one another - Art Education in the Context of Cultural Diversity) available (with English parts): >> .pdf

Since 2008 Lecturer and representative at the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) in Stuttgart

2003 Freelance work as art historian, art educator, curator, artist, lecturer, project leader, author

<< Photo: Performative mediation of the Sculpture "Cleaning Woman" by Duane Hanson (1976)

Since 1999 Art criticism and caricatures (Stuttgarter Zeitung)

1997 - 2003 Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design: Artistic assistant in the Department of Stage Design (senate member, 1998-2003; deputy women's representative, 2000 to 2003)

Since 1995 Lecturer (art history, philosophy of art, art)

Since 1994 Projects in Art Education

1986 – 87 Production design assistant at the Nationaltheater in Mannheim

1983 - 86 Production designer for theater and television (scenery/costumes)

Qualification / Studies

Since 2007 Dissertation project: “The communication of art in Germany in the Nazi era and its development before 1933 and after 1945” at the University of Oldenburg

1989 – 96 Universities of Würzburg and Stuttgart: philosophy and art history; M.A. degree (master's thesis: “Altarpiece and video image-a comparison in terms of media aesthetics”)

1980 – 86 Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design: stage set and costume design


Since 2010 Member of the Fachverband für Kunstpädagogen (Professional association for art educators, BDK)

Since 2008 Member of engage, the National Association for Gallery Education, London

Since 2004 Member of the Bundesverband Museumspädagogik (Federal association of museum education)

Since 2004 Member of the Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft (Association for cultural policy, KupoGe)

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